Pricing & Process Flow

Customized programming always gives people an impression of high cost. However, as a freelance programmer, I have no fixed cost, and can save the money back to your program!

For example, for a price checking program to scrap all pricing from a specific website to an excel file, it costs only ~HKD $1500 (USD 200). It is a one time cost, you can use the program anytime to scrap the pricing.

Of course, cost will be varied according to complexity. You may visit my recent job reference page for getting more ideas or reach me to obtain more information.

可能你會認為度身訂造程式收費很高. 無錯,確實是. 但作為一名自由工作者,我沒有固定成本,可以將程式收費變得更相宜!

例如: 一個價格比較程式,把特定網站的所有產品價錢抓取並記錄至一個 excel 文件中,收費只需 1,600 港元(約 200 美元). 最重要的是開發費用只是一次性,你將可隨時利用此程式抓取該網站價錢作比較.

當然, 收費將取決於項目複雜性. 您可以訪問我近期項目頁面以獲取更多資訊或與我聯絡了解更多.