I am a freelancer based in Hong Kong, more than a programmer, I worked in commercial sector for long, need to analyze huge amount of data for the seek of increasing the company’s winning chance.

Poor is, you know, not every data wanted is already on your hand and ready for analyzing. Most of the time, people doing so called analysis is just analyzing their own-selves, but not really analyzing their competitors , their customers or the market.

Lucky is my undergraduate degree is Information Technology. Over the years, I found my coding skill is very useful for scrapping all data I needed from the internet, so I can have more channels to see the business and the data scrapped can assist me to tactically react to the market.

I am not saying that coding can replace human to do our jobs. The utmost coding can do is taking up those repetitive boring tasks, and reserve human’s time on doing something more valuable.

That’s why the time I made this website, “replace” is absolutely not the name i would pick, not even “on-behalf”. The best term to describe the relationship of coding and human is “in-behalf”!





所以,當我創建這個網站的時候 "replace(代替)" 絕對不是我會考慮的名字, "on-behalf(代表)" 也不能形容. 最能形容程式跟人類關係的是 "in-behalf(代勞)"