Job Ref) 網站自動格價程式


網店雖然沒有如實體店的租金和店員支出, 但網上世界競爭激烈,取勝之道主要在價錢。今時今日,顧客格價十分容易,只要一輸入型號,不同網店的售價便一覽無遺。萬一您的網店售價不及別人便宜,就沒生意做;可是, 長期賣最低價,又難以生存。

為了制定最合適的售價, 很多網店都會自己將不同網店的價錢逐一手動 copy & paste 至 excel 表格以作比較。但隨著產品數量不斷增加,市場變化速度又不斷加快,以往手動方式已經無法迎合今日需要。

現在, 只要利用程式,一 click 便可將不同網店最新價格及資料自動輸入至 excel file 以助您分析和比較。省下來的時間,您便可以用來多了解市場和跟供應商/客戶溝通, 為市場提供更優質的服務。

Job Ref) eShop Auto Price Checking Program

Although online stores do not have the rental and staff cost as brick-and-motor stores, the competition in online world is fierce. Consumers are easy to do price checking by just entering brand(s) / model(s) in search engine. If your price is not competitive enough, you are unable to get the order; However, if you keep selling at the lowest, you are hard to survive.

For setting an appropriate pricing, many eShop owners will do price checking manually by copy & paste from web to excel file. However, with the dramatic increase in the number of products and frequent change of the market. Traditional way is no longer fast enough to support the business.

By coding, you can now compare with multiple eShops’ pricing by just a click. The time saved can be spent more on understanding the market and communicating with your suppliers / consumers, so to provide better services to the market.

Manual price checking is no longer fast enough to support your business
Check price from multiple stores by just a CLICK

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